Catholic Bishop cautions  against  Artificial Intelligence in Nig. to avoid Employment, Population Crisis

The Catholic Bishop of Ekiti Diocese, Most Rev. Felix Femi Ajakaye, has alerted relevant authorities on the need for restriction and regulation of the possible usage of Artificial Intelligence,AI. for activities in Nigeria.


This according to the cleric would safeguard humanity from employment and  population crisis.

The Cleric also tasked Journalists and other stakeholders to challenge the usage of AI for human survival.

Bishop Ajakaye, gave the submission in his sermon to commemorate this year 58th World Social Communications Day held at St. Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral, in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State capital.

The title of the event was- Artificial Intelligence and the Wisdom of the Heart: towards a fully human Communication.

The Bishop represented by his Vicar General, Rev. Fr. Felix Odesanmi, called on media professionals to raise voice against the dangers associated with artificial intelligence with restriction and regulations in the usage for humanity not to wake up in a day and witness population reduction/ confusion.

“We have responsibility to challenge anything that will derail us, regulation must be passed to Protect Artificial Intelligence is not yet in Nigeria,but look at the level of unemployment”

Bishop Ajakaye noted that all efforts must be on deck to ensure that while we approved the good things that technology have brought to us, we should be conscious of the dangers in terms of economic , unemployment and the moral issues.

“We still have high rate of unemployment in Africa, by the time we allow this artificial intelligence, “AI”, to take control of us and is everywhere, a lot of people and the rate of unemployment would be higher , triple or more.

“The artificial intelligence, as we know, the rate at which the technology is going, a lot of job done by human beings are simply been taken over by machine and if these continue, there is going to be a serious rate of unemployment in Africa and other nations.

Bishop Ajakaye said technology is very good but at the same time, we have to be weary that God made us, to know Him, Love Him and to Serve Him, so that through this means, we have the salvation of our souls.

“Artificial intelligence has no thinking, no conscience, where those two things are lacking, there is danger. Otherwise, the future of the world is very bleak”.

“Our world is in bondage today, In Nigeria, look at the level of unemployment in Nigeria, all the technological giant are reducing the work force with “AI”, human being are only looking for financial gain”, it is a direct affront to God”.

“Let us raise our voice against artificial intelligence, there should be restriction to areas of where to use it. It would cause a lot of confusion in our world” the Bishop said.

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