Call for Ayu’s resignation few months to General Election, Disastrous — Ex- Deputy Gov. Warns PDP

A former deputy governor of Akwa Ibom State, Senator Chris Ekpenyong has cautioned those demanding for resignation of the Chairman of People’s Democratic party,PDP,Iyorchia Ayu to thread softly and desist from such, saying the call is disastrous owing to the fact that general election is fast approaching.

He appealed to all feuding parties to sheathe their swords urged them to understand that it is too late into the election for that to occur.

Ekpeyong who warned that propaganda could destroy the party, said: “The goal should be to unify Nigeria first and every other thing will follow thereafter.

“I’m appealing again to Mr Project, my brother, Governor Wike, to remember his words at the convention ground where he said he will support whoever emerged as the presidential candidate of the party. “He also promised the PDP National Assembly members during his consultation that he won’t leave the party, no matter the outcome of the convention. He is known as a man who keeps to his words. He shouldn’t disappoint those who believe in him.

“Also, those calling for the resignation of the party chairman, especially our time-tested leader and former National Vice Chairman, South-West, Chief Bode George, should understand that it’s too late into the election for that to occur.

“It will cause a lot of confusion that may hurt the party during the election. Such issues should be left till after the general election, as the party stood by other zones to produce presidents, even the South-West during their turn.

“We should all reciprocate and stand by the North-East to also produce a president.

“We should all bear in mind that in politics, you win some, you lose some. I appeal to all sides to sheathe their swords. The election is close by. PDP must convince Nigerians that it can manage the resources of the country in the best interest of the people.

“We should avoid arrogance and name-calling, propaganda that can destroy the party. The Board of Trustees must rise to the occasion and the warring chieftains should calm down.

There have been mistakes, which will be amended after the general election when we win.

“For now, the major goal should be how to rescue the nation from collapsing as the heroes of the party come together to defend this nation. We should also come together as party men and women to defend our nation from the hands of this failed government.

“Let the sacrifices of our party heroes, those who have gone and those still with us not be in vain.”

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