Breast symptoms that are completely normal

Priscilla Ahemen Maakuna


Due to the rampant increase in the nature of breast cancer, some normal things that happen to the breasts has now been confused for symptoms of breast cancer by many in the world.

There are lot of changes that can occur in the structure of a woman’s breast and this can be confusing to some women.

According to Web MD, these 4 things that happen to the breasts are completely normal.

– the size of breast can not always be the same

In situations were you noticed that one of your breasts is bigger than the other, that’s okay, it’s completely normal. This is because each breast responds to estrogen differently. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for breast growth.


– you might experience breast pain during period

It is normal to experience little pain on either one or both of your breasts during your period. This pain is called cyclical pain which is caused due to the hormonal changes in your body at that time of the month when your period comes. However, this does not happen to everyone, therefore, it is also perfectly normal if you do not experience this.

– You can feel lumps on your breasts around your cycle.

Your breasts might begin to develop lumps around and during your period. This is, perfectly normal, provided that it goes away when your period ends for the month. However, if you have breast lumps or breast pain on any other day, and you have noticed that it is does not stop when your period ends, then you should see a doctor as fast as possible, these could be symptoms of breast cancer.

– Your breasts might change in shape or size.

They only constant thing in life, they say, is change, right? It is absolutely normal for your breasts to change in shape or in size at different times in your life. This change might be due to factors like pregnancy, menopause, hormonal imbalance or even during your cycle.

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