Blemishes Speech against Hon. Lanre Fayemi: Mr Jaguar Fakuade is Evil

By Seun Ajayi

The Malicious trending video of Mr Obajide Ayokuade, fondly called Jide Jaguar against Hon. Lanre is largely untrue, unfounded and malicious. It’s unethical with reasonable content. Ordinarily, I ought not to give a response but justification of the moral Uprightness of Hon. Lanre Fayemi, our leader towards the developments in our community, especially in human development, has warranted this.

It should be on recorded that Hon. Lanre Fayemi gainfully employed the wife of Jide Fakuade into the Federal ministry in the National Population Commission, Presidency, Abuja, a position she is ably qualified for and ever appreciated.

Jaguar was earning N80,000 monthly as a salary aside other benefits to his family as a PA to Hon. Lanre Fayemi as Federal Commissioner, National Population Commission for several years aside other benefits he got due to his personal relationship. He was living and feeding on Hon. Fayemi’s kindsman zone when things were not rozy for Jaguar.

The setback between his Benefactor happened when he misbehaved for negative dispositions and various evil tendencies attributed to him, leading to his sacking from where he lived for years with clothing and feeding.

As regards the car, he mentioned in the video, Hon. Lanre Fayemi was the Director General of Kayode Ojo Campaign Organization with disposition of earning car, while Jaguar insensitivity to get it led to insulting his Boss. How will you get Car in the wrong way and when your behaviour and attitudes are terrible? What was his position in the campaign organization that warranted a car? Jaguar is full of atrocies and a blatant liar who out of frustration lied against his former boss, Hon. Lanre Fayemi. He should repent and apologise to avoid God’s judgement on him.

Seun Ajayi writes from Ilogbe Street, Ifaki-Ekiti

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